8-9th April 2005

Imaged from Kielder Forest, Northern England

VC200L at f6.4 and Vesta SC3 modified B+W webcam

Sn2004et in NGC 6946

Measured at mag +15.8 (CCDV) A type II 198 days after discovery

See the spectrum of this object identifying it as type II here

sn2005am in NGC 2811

Approximately mag+15.5

A type Ia 38 days after discovery

A marginal detection due to early evening culmination at only 18deg elevation

sn2005au in NGC 5056

measured at mag+16.0 (CCDV)

A type II 20 days after discovery

sn2005ay in NGC 3938

measured at mag +14.9 (CCDR)

A type II 12 days after discovery

sn2005ba in NGC 3746

Approximately mag +18, barely detectable above the background of the galaxy.

Type currently unknown 7 days after discovery

Other galaxies visible in this image include NGC3748, NGC3745, NGC3754, NGC3753, NGC3750, NGC3751, PGC36010, LEDA16987