SUPERNOVA sn2007af in NGC 5584


This Supernova was discovered pre maximum on 1st March 2007 by Koichi Itagaki


00:40 UT 16th March 2007 ATK16-IC camera and VC200L at approx f6.4 22 x 30sec

mag 12.5 CR



01:30 UT 16th March 2007

Spectrum recorded using 100 l/mm Star Analyser at approx 15A/pixel

ATK16-IC camera and VC200L at approx f6.4 38 x 40sec


Spectrum calibrated for wavelength and instrument response using nearby A0v star 109Vir




The spectrum is similar to other type 1a Supernovae measured near maximum with a strong Silicon absorption feature around 6200A

(from the Harvard Centre for Astrophysics Supernova Group archives)