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Ideas on how to achieve 12 bit level brightness resolution by summing multiple 8 bit exposures

A comparison of 1,2 and 5min 1004X-JG exposures and a measurement of periodic error

2002 Leonids. Individual frames showing meteors

Dismantled Canon UC15 video camera viewfinder showing connections

Light Pollution map - UK

Light pollution map - Cumbria

Vixen VC200L Focal Reducer - effect on image size of altering reducer to image plane distance

Optical Pulsar detection project

Comparison of Vesta Pro and 1004x using standard exposures

IR Blocking Filter FAQ

Caldbeck Observing Site Survey

Focal Reducer Calculator Excel Spreadsheet (click to download)

ISS Solar and Lunar Transit Track Maps

"Active Imaging" software evaluation

The effect of an IR blocking filter when imaging Saturn 

AC624 webcam adapter evaluation

Images requested from the Bradford Robotic Telescope Tenerife - Beta Testing

Effect of temperature on noise - Unmodified Toucam Pro webcam

Q2006 presentation "WEBCAMS UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT" (Linearity, gain and noise measurements and the effect of stacking on noise. Using webcams for scientific observations)